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The Language Programme for English Language Professionals by Chris Kunz

La Comisión de Idioma Inglés organiza

Chris Kunz

The Language Programme especially designed with English Language Professionals in mind, notably Translators or those in the Translation business

A Truly Interactive once-a-month, four-session workshop, spread over the course of four months.

The sessions can be booked as a pack of all four or individually, singning up for as many as you are interested in.


Dates & Topics of sessions:

Tuesday, 18th April

Optimising your pronunciation of English
This session has been especially created to help all participants improve their English pronunciation (skills), in general. During the entire session, the tutor will explore areas such as word and sentence stress, intonation, latest trends in the pronunciation of English as well as those most common mistakes speakers of Spanish may well make when “Englishing”.

Tuesday, 30th May

Understanding more easily heavily accented English, spoken by speakers of various other languages

In this session, the participants will be presented with a vast array of features speakers of other languages may well produce when they are speaking English. These salient features will include examples oflexis, grammar and pronunciation, among others. The tutor will guide all participants through the process of comparing and contrasting a large number of these foreign peculiarities with those speakers of Spanish usually come up with themselves when “Englishing”.

Tuesday, 4th July

Sharing most invaluable tips to improve public speaking skills

The tutor’s main aim will be that of helping all participants become better communicators. One of the ways in which this can be achieved is clearly by reprogramming yourself to lose the natural fear you may have when asked to present in public. This session will undoubtedly equip yourself with the tools you need to speak in public with confidence and personality.

Tuesday, 25th July

Taking your English to the next level

Throughout the session, we will isolate and deal with a range of language areas which will radically change your English, taking it to the next level and placing it on the same page as that of native speakers’. The tutor will help you “de-Spanish” your English grammar, lose your Argentinian accent when Englishing and “de-foreignise” your English lexis.


Time of all sessions:

06.30 – 08.30 p.m.


A workshop created for Translators, Interpreters, Teachers & Language Users in general

Let Chris simply guide you throughout the process of professionalising your English!


Lugar: sede de Avda. Corrientes 1834.

Aranceles para cada encuentro:

— Matriculado: $445.

— Matriculado con cuota al día: $400.

— Matriculado novel (hasta dos años): $340.

— Estudiante del último año: $420.

— No matriculado: $500.


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