«Exploring Phonetics and Pronunciation»

Exploring Phonetics and Pronunciation


New Edition

Revised and Expanded

With Cd and Answer Key




Exploring Phonetics and Pronunciation is aimed at all those intermediate and upper-intermediate students who think Phonetics is a boring and difficult subject, almost as hard as learning another language. Well, in fact, there are more pleasant and easier ways of dealing with vowels and consonants, without falling asleep after repeating words and sounds for hours in order to get a good pronunciation and sound more like a native speaker. This book provides students with comprehensive explanations and motivating oral and written exercises for both adults and young adult learners. It is divided into three main parts: “Before Starting you Should Know”, “Course Book” and “Exercises”, meant to go through the different grammar topics and activities step by step in a very clear way. After finishing this course, students will definitely have improved their pronunciation and listening skills.


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