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10.00 Proofreading
Dictado por el Prof. Alejandro Parini
This workshop centres the attention on the proofreading and correction of texts translated into English from both a linguistic and a sociocultural perspective. The texts will be of a general, non-specialised nature, and will provide the context for the analysis of errors related to the rendering of lexical, pragmatic and discourse equivalents in translation.


12.30 The terminology of cinema
Dictado por el Trad. Públ. Marcos Celesia
In this presentation, we will talk about the specific terminology and language of filmmaking, divided into different areas. We will mention their equivalent in Spanish of the different terms, and attendees will later receive the complete Glossary via e-mail.


Alejandro Parini

Professor Alejandro Parini is a graduate from the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom. He is the Director of the School of Languages and International Studies at Universidad de Belgrano, and Director of the Master of Arts programme in English. He is also Professor of English Sociolinguistics in both the undergraduate and the postgraduate programmes in translation taught at Universidad de Buenos Aires. Professor Parini is also Visiting Professor at City University, London, Vice-President of Fundación LITTERAE, and member of the Executive Committee of the Sociedad Argentina de Lingüística. 

His area of interest and research includes the use of language in computer mediated communication and the study of ideologies about language and new media. Among his latest publications we can mention Short Essays on Language (2003), published by Universidad de Buenos Aires; Lengua y sociedad (2006) and Escritura y comunicación (2009), both books co-authored with Alicia Zorrilla; Lenguaje, discurso e interacción en los espacios digitales (2014), El lenguaje en la comunicación digital. Aspectos interaccionales y discursivos (2017) and El español en la red (2018), all three books co-authored with Mabel Giammatteo.

He has also taught and lectured at different universities in the United States, Chile, Uruguay, the United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, Venezuela, and at the United Nations in New York, and has participated in various scientific conferences organised by the Universities of Georgetown, London, Newcastle, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Antwerp, Belfast, and Augsburg.

Marcos Celesia

Mr. Celesia is a Certified Public Translator and Conference Interpreter (USAL), with more than 35 years in the profession. He was Associate Professor and Head of the Spanish Department at the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS), and is now Full Professor of Interpreting at Universidad de Belgrano. He was President of the Argentine Association of Conference Interpreters (ADICA) for two terms. He is a film expert who has authored a book and articles about the cinema, and headlines a segment, «Traductores cinéfilos», of the radio programme Entredichos. Additionally, Marcos is beginning the seventh season of Ciclo de encuentros de cine at the CTPCBA.


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Cierre de inscripción: viernes, 31 de mayo de 2019 a las 12:00


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